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Incident Management

This online resource is designed to give boards and executive management teams tools to assist with their tactical and strategic approaches to effectively respond to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Support

VUCAP has been working diligently to understand the COVID-19 risk and make recommendations to boards and their management teams. 


To do this we have needed to pull together a number of resources and create analytical tools to make tactical and strategic recommendations. 


In order to assist decision makers, VUCAP has collected some of those resources into a single platform making it easy to access live information and VUCAP analysis of the information. The aim is to assist organisations in scenario planning as well as provide practical advice and tools where possible. 


Note: These resources are not designed for mobile view as the maps, in particular, contain significantly large amounts of data. 

Critical Response Worksheet

Pandemic Response Stages.PNG
Risk Reference Tables.PNG

Analysis and Recommendations

As of Monday 30th March - VUCAP has begun posting a rolling analysis and recommendations here. This will help boards and management teams make predictions that affect their organisations.

For further analysis view all VUCAP posts here.


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